In a world with smart gadgets ...

We need smart kids.

Smart Digital Kids

  • Wondering how young is too young for technology use?

  • Worried about your teen’s moodiness since you gave her a smartphone?

  • Afraid that your child isn’t staying safe online?

You’re not alone!

Dr. Beverly Pell provides the best resources and strategies to help you and your family control technology in your home.

You’ll find help here to raise smart, confident, compassionate kids in a digital age.

What does a coaching session look like?

Coaching packages contain a set number of private and confidential conversations with me. You’ll learn how to:

  • Parent your kids in this digital age with confidence and compassion
  • Use a personalized tech plan to set limits and boundaries for your family’s tech use
  • Find relief having a coach on your side to walk you through the toughest challenges

All coaching packages include the comprehensive Tame Your Tech™ Guide for Parents with helpful resources and suggestions to start taming tech immediately.

Are you ready to talk honestly about the technology struggles in your family? Schedule a 30 minute discovery call and let’s do this together.