Inspiring and motivational speaker, teacher, leader...

Hi, I’m Beverly.

I inspire kids, and empower parents and teachers to successfully raise and educate kids in a digitally driven world.

My company, Smart Digital Kids, provides parents (and kids!) with practical skills and strategies to control tech use in the home.

Book me for Professional Development Days, Consulting, and Keynotes.

I share my experiences and teach:
–> Teens about social media and mental health (A.C.E. Your TECH)
–> Parenting kids in the age of digital devices (T.A.M.E. Your TECH)
–> How to (easily) tackle smart phones in the classroom

I’m an experienced leader and educator, and expert in several areas of education, demonstrated by years of teaching in public and private schools, as well as homeschooling. While earning my PhD, I taught undergrads and graduate students at the University of Kansas, a major research university.

I quickly connect with parents and educators when speaking at parenting workshops and professional development meetings. I empathize with parents and teachers having raised three children of my own, and have worked extensively with children and young adults in digital environments.

I earn quick rapport and trust with students because I’m a patient listener and careful observer. I’m a learner and young at heart. I bring all of my creativity, energy, and charisma when I meet parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone who needs help with raising kids in our digital world.

My aim is always to leave an audience informed, educated and inspired to take practical and easy steps to improve relationships at work and at home. 

The intersection of Education, Technology, and Creativity is my passion! My purpose in life is to inspire others while transforming education for future generations. 


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