Wise parents raise smart kids.

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Let's Raise Smart Digital Kids

  • Want to raise kids who aren’t obsessed with technology?

  • Want to get your kids off tablets without tears or tantrums?

  • Wish your spouse would put the phone down and pay attention to the kids?

  • Ready to hear the easiest way to balance screen-time and screen-free activities?

          I got you!


You’ll find the best resources and strategies right here to help you and your loved ones control technology in your home!


Ready to jump in?
I provide Coaching for parents and families.

Coaching packages contain a set number of private and confidential conversations with me. You’ll learn how to:

  • Parent your kids in this digital age with clarity and compassion
  • Use a family tech plan to set limits and boundaries for your family’s tech use
  • Show your kids how to use tech in helpful and productive ways

All coaching packages include the comprehensive Tame Your Tech™ Guide for Parents with helpful resources and suggestions to start taming tech immediately.

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call and let’s do this together!